Wednesday, February 27, 2013


It's been a really long time. I have Knit so many things that have gone undocumented it amazes me. Countless Scarves, hats, socks and wraps which are no longer around to take pictures of. I do happen to have pictures of the two last scarves that were birthday presents.


 This Scarf is the Mock Burberry I made for Tricia's Birthday. It is heavy but that is how she likes them. "Like a Big Warn Hug" is how she describes it.

This is a scarf knit for a Friend who has not seen it yet. The pattern is Lazy Katy" by Berget Fryer. I just love her patterns. I have knit several of them and they are always a challenge, but I am always pleased in the end.
This jacket is one my Grandson Jaxon will probably never wear. Due to the fact the California has such a short winter. 
Thank Goodness Hats last longer.


Hats for everyone to wear to England where its cold and damp.
Grandson Max is now 3 and in the "No Pictures Please" phase of life so I have no pictures of him wearng anything. You pick up a camera and the kid runs!
I do have a new project coming up that I will try harder to blog on. I am actually going to knit something for myself!  It  is called Winter Wrap from Bad Cat Designs. I am pretty excited about it, more in March!