Sunday, November 27, 2011

Arrrrrgggghhhhhhhh! This is all that's left!

This is all that's left! That's right......after ripping back 64 rows more than 7 inches stitch by stitch to get to a dropped stitch! Aaaaarrrgggghhhh! Of Course I don't use "Life Lines" it would have made this too easy! So it had to be "unknit" stitch by stitch so I did not disturb the already disturbed pattern. It took longer to unknit those 7 inches than it did to knit them. Will I start using "Life Lines" now? No I hate them. I will have to watch more carefully and stretch the pattern to look more often. I shouldn't complain too much since I have loved seeing the lace come to life. I don't have time for more mistakes like this I have a Deadline!

Monday, November 14, 2011

The Wedding Shawl!

This was the Big Secrete Project!

From the moment I saw the dress at the first fitting I Knew she needed a shawl to go with it and "I" was just the person to knit it! The dress is called "Mermaid" style but I am old enough to think "Mae West." Those women always had some type of stole  to remind them to keep the shoulders up and elbows back.

Then I got to thinking about what I wanted it to mean, and what I really wanted to give her. The wedding dress she would never wear again, but I wanted to be something she could wear again and still have special meaning. I choose a segment of pattern stitch from the "Simurgh" pattern because the shaped of the scallops went perfectly with the lace on the dress.  It's a start in the center and work to the end pattern. As I worked I thought about adding beads to the edges "of Course".
I had boxes of  Antique beads from her Grandmother and Great Grandmothers who use to knit fine beaded purses in the 1920's.      We ended up with a stole that was a gift from her generations past with new crystals added by me.There was Old, New, and a Borrowed Blue bead from another project hidden in one corner. It is something she will always be able to wear.

I gave it to her the morning of her wedding BEFORE makeup! She was so surprised and happy.