Monday, February 1, 2010

Blue Simurgh

This is the beginning of the "Blue Simurgh." I found the pattern in Ravelry. It was designed to be Black Raven Feathers and is gorgeous. The pattern starts with a larger feather pattern and changes patterns to smaller and smaller feathers.

As lovely as it is I just can't make myself knit Simurgh in Black. It is a project that will be worked on mostly in the evening at home since I work full time. After knitting my first "Concerto" in Dark Blue I swore "Never Again" would I knit a large project in Dark Colors! It made me Cross Eyed trying to see it at night. I spent too much time fixing mistakes by daylight.

This Shawl is a gift for a Lovely, Tall, Blond Lady and I am making some changes to compliment to her size and coloring. So I chose this"Sapphire Blue" which will be wonderful with her blue eyes and fair skin.. The Pattern calls for 2 skeins of "Geisha" by Blue Moon Fiber Arts for the larger size shawl. There will be approximately 1/2 skein left over. So I intend to increase one pattern repeat in each direction to add length to the Shawl.

When you look at the yarn and the knitted piece there is a variation in color that does not show here in these pictures. It reminds me of waves of Tropical Blue Waters, the Caribbean. What is missing? Oh the sparkling foam! Well we can just add that in with ...........BEADS!

Yes, I am out of my Freaking Mind! (never say never)

I have added them in at the end of pattern repeats so it looks like sparkling waves with white foamy edges. It is sort of random but it gives the effect I am looking for and does not add too much extra weight to the shawl. I don't want to change the way it hangs. I will be sure to pin it out so the pattern and beads show for the next set of pictures.

I think this calls for a new name.....Any suggestions?

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