Sunday, June 13, 2010


I hate being in Limbo!

We have been put in Limbo over the sale of our home and move to Arizona. This puts my KNITTING in Limbo! I have 90% of my knitting products packed. I have items I don't work on because I don't want them spread out, beads are are involved. I look to start new projects but.......are the materials I need packed away? Do I need to keep it small? I have never needed urging to purchase yarn (snicker) I feel S Unproductive!

I always have a pair of socks in my purse, just in case. I am running out of sock yarn. Scarves? Do I want to use some of the yarn I have put away for a light weight shawl? Then have left over yarn. I hate to break up a quantity of yarn purchased for a specific size project.
My Son Finally tried the socks I made for my Grandson on his fat little feet. I have not seen him (except on Skype)in months so I could only guess on the size. They fit his fat little feet perfectly. I could take all the odd little balls of yarn and make More socks for him. That could get boring VERY Fast, add matching mittens?

I need the perfect travel project I can pick up and put down, and will not be finished too quickly. It needs to last a couple of weeks and not be something I can lose my place too easily. I think I just need a small suit case of knitting projects to have available to me. I can work on them while we are in Limbo land. Then I will need something in the car while traveling, in hotel rooms, AND in my new home while all the other stuff is still in boxes.

Any suggestions? Is there any one perfect project?

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  1. I'm working on a blanket I found on Ravelry called Easy Squares blanket or something like that. Check out my projects. It's great, because it's knit and purl only, but it looks really interesting, and if you use a yarn you enjoy, you might not even get bored with it! I'm not. :) Hope everything goes out of limbo soon.