Friday, June 4, 2010

Not Lost!

  I always said I did not want to be one of those Blogger's who starts and stops.......Well HERE I am!

My only excuse is with the house on the market I got busy. Then we sold the house.  Then we went to AZ and bought a house. Then maybe we didn't buy the house because it had been flipped two times in 60 days by builders.......Oh, OK now we HAVE bought a house.

So now we are home packing. Now maybe we haven't sold our house 10 days before closing because the buyer has a last minute issue. Holy Crap Batman whats next? I'm packing... I'm not packing. Do I call the utility companies and tell them not to turn off every thing on that date? What about the movers? Are they going to have an empty truck?

So I have not finished the last couple of inches of Blue Simurgh. I just could not keep it all spread out with the beads and people coming and going. I did knit a couple pairs of socks for family Birthdays and a Scarf for a special fried of my daughter. Do I have pictures? No I can't even think now. It is mindless knitting to help me keep my sanity. So I thought  would add this to a post I started a while back so it would have some knitting content.

These are Hats and Scarves I made for Christmas gifts. They were both made with the same pattern but  Different Fibers. The Pattern is Stephanee Pearl-McPhee's "One Row Scarf Pattern." I LOVE the pattern! It was so simple but really brought out the beauty of each yarn.

The first is 50/50 Silk & Moreno yarn. I tried a few different stitches in swatches before choosing this one.The second is a Malabrigo hand painted. Both the same stitch, each looking very different. I Love the way that works.

So Until I get my head back in the game, I am not sure how much knitting content there will be. I will not be a Dead End Blogger!

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